What is Online Physiotherapy?

November 16th, 2020

Are you experiencing pain that requires Physiotherapy treatment…BUT can’t go to the clinic?

You may be living in a remote area or stuck at home or afraid to go out due to current crazy circumstances. 

Are you trying different solutions to relieve pain or doing random exercises by asking Dr. Google?

Well, you’re not alone…

2 weeks ago, I got a call from a 36-year-old female, she was experiencing extreme neck and shoulder pain but due to working from home and babysitting, she was unable to come for Physiotherapy treatment in the clinic. 

She even tried some exercises, searched on YouTube and Google for things like: neck pain relief, solutions for neck pain, exercises for chronic neck pain. Of course, it didn’t help her but made symptoms worse. (The internet is a helpful resource but not when it comes to your individual health concerns!)

Due to all these, now she was very stressed out and confused (more about her in a minute)…..

Now, What if I told you that you can get help from a licensed Physiotherapist while you are at your home. Yes that’s right…

Online Physiotherapy

With online physiotherapy, you can get the best advice, exercises, and a lot more. I have helped many individuals like you with online physiotherapy.  


What is Online Physiotherapy?

It is meeting with your Physiotherapist, but via video call, just like Facetime or Zoom call! (Now, this is where the internet is very helpful!)

*These video calls are on a completely secure line to make sure your health information is not leaking out. 

Online Physiotherapy is also known as Virtual Physiotherapy or tele-rehabilitation. 

How does Online Physiotherapy works?

To do these video calls you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer which can be connected to the internet. 

Just like your In-person visit you will be able to see your therapist, explain everything about your condition or problem. Your physiotherapist will be able to do a detailed assessment of it. 

And based on the information and findings, your therapist will create a custom treatment plan for you.

Throughout your course of treatment, you will also get a detailed explanation about your condition or problems, how to manage it, and most importantly, how to prevent it from occurring in the future.

Why is Online Physiotherapy Important?

It can play an important role in your care plan and recovery. It allows you to still receive the highest possible quality of care from a remote location.

There are numerous conditions that can still be treated and improved via virtual care, including but not limited to:

Tele-rehab is useful to provide you education regarding your posture corrections, ergonomic or works station design, understanding the do’s and don’ts of your problem. 

And sometimes you can use this tool as a stress relieving medium. 

Just like In-person visit, there are many benefits of Online physiotherapy:

  • Detailed Assessment
  • Custom treatment plan
  • Education regarding  your condition/ problem
  • Tips to manage your symptoms
  • Modified exercises
  • Posture correction
  • Ergonomic workstation advice 
  • Therapeutic product education
  • Live answering your questions
  • And much more

Most of the time, your problem can be solved by just speaking with health professionals. Your therapist can guide you about how to manage your symptoms without getting too stressed.

You may remember the 36-year-old patient that I mentioned earlier...

So, I offered her online physiotherapy and on the first video call only, I was able to find the root cause of the problem which was due to improper design of the workstation and lack of exercise. 

With proper education and exercises, within a few visits, her pain was much manageable!

And just like her, you can also manage and recover from your symptoms…

What are the Examples of Online Physiotherapy?

By now, you already know what virtual physiotherapy is and how it works. Now let me take you through some of the examples of it, which will provide you better understanding.


One of the key components of Tele- rehabilitation is to deliver you a simpler version of exercises. 

And making sure that you understood it correctly. 

Your physiotherapist will show you which exercises to do, how to do them, how many times to do it, and what to expect from these exercises. 

Not only that, your therapist will make sure that you perform all the exercises with them. Also, they can answer any questions that you may have.

Online Physiotherapy Exercise


Just like the exercises, education plays a vital role in your recovery. 

Every video call with your Physiotherapist you get lots of education. This can be in the form of knowledge about your condition and how to manage them effectively. 

They will also advise you regarding any therapeutic product that can help in your recovery

In most cases your therapist will give you posture education, as most issues arise from poor posture. 

Correcting them properly will not only reduce your symptoms but it will make sure you are preventing the same problem to re-occur in later life.

Online Physiotherapy Education

Ergonomic training: 

In this era of working from home has created many new problems for the back, shoulder, neck and other body areas.

As most of us are not used to working from home and no one was ready for it. Ergonomic workstation setup is very useful. 

Effectively setting your workstation will be the best gift you can provide to your selves.

Your Physiotherapist will not only provide you general tips for workstation, they will also look at your current setup. 

And based on assessment they will guide you on how to modify it and/or add additional components to it.

Online Physiotherapy Ergonomic training

So, no matter where you are, and what condition are you in, you will always have access to Physiotherapy via online. 

As you are here and reading this, you may be looking to get some help. And if you still have some questions and are not sure how online physiotherapy can be helpful…You can request a FREE virtual consultation with one of our physiotherapists.

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1. How online physiotherapy differs from in-person service?

Actually both are very similar. Just like in-person service, your physiotherapist requires to meet all regulatory and legislative standards of practice and code of conduct. You will get the same high quality care as in-person care.

2. Is online physiotherapy safe?

Yes, Online physiotherapy is delivered through a secure, encrypted line. This ensures that your health information and privacy are not compromised during these online calls.

3. How would a physiotherapy assessment be conducted online?

Prior to this online call, you will be required to finish important documents online like intake forms, medical history, and consent. Doing this call, your Physiotherapist will go through your medical history, general health, the objective of this call, and your goals. From there, the therapist will conduct an objective assessment which is checking range, strength, functional movements.

4. Is online Physiotherapy covered by insurance?

Yes, the Majority of the insurance covers Virtual (Online) Physiotherapy just like your regular In-person session. If you have any questions specific to your insurance, feel free to give us a call.