COVID-19 Safe Practice Plan

BeActive Oakville Physio is now open for In-Person Appointments. As healthcare professionals, our top priority is your safety and wellbeing. Because of that, we have made important changes in our clinic to maximize safety and risk-free environment for our patients. Our Registered therapist will strictly follow Guidelines given by the Government of Ontario and Regulatory college. Despite the changes, BeActive Physio assures you to provide exceptional service during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Please watch the following video to get a better understanding of the process and experience. It may look a little different, but we promise that our commitment to exceptional patient care is still the same. We cannot wait to help you achieve more.

Safe Practice Plan:

BeActive Physio - Pre-Screening COVID-19

Step 1: Pre-Screening COVID-19

All patients and staff are required to fill out pre-screening questions prior to coming to the clinic. If anyone feels unwell they must stay home.

BeActive Physio - Sanitization

Step 2: Sanitization

Our staff will be sanitizing their hands regularly. All patients will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering and leaving the clinic.

BeActive Physio - Proper PPE USE

Step 3: Proper PPE USE

Our staff will be using a mask, face shield, and gloves for each patient. We may also use a gown if required. All patients will be asked to wear a mask compulsory during their visit. We are asking that patients arrive wearing their own homemade or medical mask. If patients arrive without a mask, we will provide them with one to wear.

BeActive Physio - Physical Distancing

Step 4: Physical Distancing

Fortunately, since all of our treatment rooms are private, physical distancing measures can easily be implemented and you can feel safe here. To enhance physical distance please follow the markings on the floor. We have divided the clinic area in different zones to increase physical distancing. We have minimized the use of certain clinic areas, including the waiting area, washroom, and gym.

BeActive Physio - Cleaning & Disinfecting

Step 5: Cleaning & Disinfecting

We have implemented high-frequency cleaning protocols with approved cleaning products according to the Government of Ontario. Frequency is above standard and all procedures will be logged and tracked. Disinfecting treatment table and therapeutic equipment after each patient. 

BeActive Physio - Contactless & Paperless Payment 

Step 6: Contactless & Paperless Payment 

We will continue providing direct billing for patients, however, there might be co-payment for your treatment. We encourage patients to pay their sessions through a method of tap using credit or debit cards. Your receipts will be emailed to you after your session.


Do I need to fill out COVID-19 pre-screening questionnaire every time when I visit a clinic?

Yes, according to the guidelines given by the government, each patient must answer the pre-screening questions each time they visit. Clinic may deny to provide the treatment, if the patient chooses not to fill out the form.

Should I bring any visitors with me?

We encourage you to not come with visitors if possible. However, if you do need someone with you then minimize only one person.

Do I need to bring anything for my visit?

You only need your mask and cards for payment (if applicable). Please leave extra things in your car.

What if I don’t feel comfortable for an in-person visit?

We understand that some patients may not feel comfortable visiting the clinic yet. Not to worry, we can still provide physiotherapy treatment through in-home physiotherapy or virtual treatment (video call like facetime).

Whether you are making an In-Person Appointment or a virtual appointment with Tele-Rehab, we are committed to providing the resources you need to continue your therapy and reach your goals!

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