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BeActive Physiotherapy is located in Oakville, ON, with dedicated staff members. Our clinic is situated on Speers Road. It makes the location a commonly frequented spot for physiotherapy Oakville, ON pain relief.

We have a highly experienced team of physiotherapists. Also, we offer treatment services for any pain, injury, or discomfort you may be feeling. Our patients have found high levels of success in our treatment services, due to our implementation of advanced technology and methods.

We use sophisticated diagnostic methods, such as movement investigation and gait analysis. These help determine which services you will benefit from most. At BeActive Physiotherapy, our thorough evaluations lead to successful treatment plans for your pain relief, healing, and future injury prevention needs. For more information, Contact Us Today at Oakville, ON Center.


225 Speers Road Unit 6
Oakville, ON L6K 2E8

Business Hours

Monday-Friday 9AM – 7PM
Saturday 9AM – 3PM

  • Back Pain & Sciatica

    Back pain and sciatica differ but are often confused with each other. Back is specific to the upper, mid or low back. Sciatica is a more diffuse, radiating pain down the buttock, thigh, and even leg. It is also possible to have radiculopathy, which is a radiating numbness, tingling, burning, or sharp pain to a specific part of the leg.

  • Hip and Knee Pain

    Do sharp pains in your hip make it difficult to get up in the mornings, move about during the day, and lie back down at night? Are your knees feel painful, or even feel as if they may buckle underneath you without warning? Hip joint pain and knee pain can seriously interfere with your life, especially if you are dealing with both. Whichever may be hurting you, physiotherapy can help get to the root of your problem safely and comfortably, without the need for harmful drugs or surgery.

  • Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder pain can take many forms – it can show up when you’re reaching toward the top shelf to put dishes away or when you’re struggling to find a comfortable position to sleep in without feeling a dull aching pain in your shoulder and neck. It can show up as a result of an injury, making you feel as if your shoulder is immobile.

Oakville, ON Physiotherapists & Massage Therapists

Meet The Team

Our Oakville, ON physiotherapists and massage therapists are compassionate, caring, and ambitious toward helping our patients reach their highest level of performance with the least possible amount of discomfort. Our dedicated team consists of leading therapists in the physiotherapy Oakville, ON area, any of whom would be happy to work with you on whatever you may be struggling with. They will work hard, not only to get to the root of your problems and provide quality treatment for the pain you are currently experiencing, but they will also use their abilities to provide you with injury prevention services for the future.

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We Are Focused on Relieving the Pain of Oakville, ON

Physiotherapy can be highly effective to relieve pain by providing a type of treatment you may need when your pain makes it hard to move around and do everyday tasks. Our treatments help you move better and may relieve your pain. They also help improve or restore your physical function and your fitness level. The goal of BeActive Physiotherapy is to make your daily tasks and activities easier. For example, we may help you with walking, going up stairs, or getting in and out of bed. In addition, physiotherapy often provides the best treatment for a variety of different pains, not only providing relief, but also teaching you techniques to prevent re-injury and avoid pain in the future.

What Oakville, ON Thinks About BeActive Physiotherapy

Sanket was extremely thorough and methodical in his process of assessment. I appreciated that I had both an assessment and treatment during my appointment time, I felt this was a very efficient use of the appointment. I also felt a great deal better following the treatment. I specifically went to this clinic b/c I had been told how effective Shockwave was for treating various muscle/tendon injuries. I also heard great stories about this clinic and the quality of care. Since my treatment, my tendon is feeling a lot better, which I credit to the exercise Sanket prescribed as well as the manual manipulation and Shockwave. I highly recommend anyone seeking physiotherapy treatment to book an assessment at BeActive in Oakville. I look forward to future treatments.

Alexandra Straccini Fricker

I have been impressed with the overall approach Sanket has taken with me as a new customer. He is always on time, never makes me feel rushed, does not push unnecessary and/or too frequent treatments and is always very professional and friendly.


Amazing guys! Broke my ankle and both Sanket and Milay have been helping with my recovery. They are very knowledgeable and know how to make you comfortable. They never rush treatment and always make sure the customer comes first! Highly recommended!

Brandon Walker

Words and ratings cannot speak enough of the regard, appreciation and professionalism, for this highly qualified team!

As a nurse, runner and training for a 1/2 marathon, it was crucial to address my acute issues, in order to continue training. From the onset, PT Milay was informative, supportive and as an athlete himself, acknowledged and planned my treatment plan accordingly with expertise, physio assessments and ongoing teaching, pivotal to my ability to continue to run without pain or mobility issues. The experience was seamless, easy accessibility to clinic & no wait time appointments. Very grateful to this team and would not hesitate to refer or return for any needed follow ups! Thanks again and now confident, will be able to improve my PB for the upcoming marathon!

UPDATE***Completed my 1/2 marathon in Vancouver- Seawheeze and it was incredible but more importantly, pain free thanks to my PT- Milay!!! See u at the Oakville 1/2!

Deborah Doucette

I went to this place for an arm injury, I worked with Sanket for a few sessions and he took the time to explain everything and he gave me exercises. he is very patient and caring. you won't regret going to this place.

Elham Karimi

I was very impressed with the time and care given by Sunket. He explained what he was doing and why. He also explained the cause and reason for my pain. I am happy to say that I am now living pain free! Thanks so very much!

Gaylene Heffern

I was suffering from Vertigo (BPPV) and after a number of visits, my Vertigo was cured. I am so relieved and very grateful to Sanket & Milay. They were very thorough & very professional in their approach. The work they did helped me get my life back on track.
I would highly recommend their service to anyone in need of Physiotherapy & Wellness.

Frank Orlando

I came in a with a severe lower back pain and they have done absolute wonders in just two visits. I was unable to walk or bend but now I can do those with little to no effort. They are honest and attentive.Like

Faisal Shibli

I have been here for couple of sessions due to wry neck condition and Sanket and Milay have been at their best every single time. Both are professional yet friendly and flexible with appointments. They are knowledgeable and very much aware of their profession. One thing I really liked about them which differentiates them from other physiotherapists is that while they treat you they also make you more knowledgeable and aware of your body parts, how they work and how to take care of them in our daily routine. Their clinic is also very clean and hygienic. If in future I need any physio I would definitely go back to them and would recommend the same to everyone else.

Nishita Gupta

I have been here 3 times in the past 3 weeks to see their massage therapist, Colton. I suffered a neck injury while working out and that led to pretty severe neck pain as well as brutal headaches. Colton is beyond knowledgeable while also being totally personable. I have had three outstanding experiences at this place and will most definitely be going back!

Kristin Dimech

Went in for a persistent shoulder injury and worked with both Sankit and Milay. Both are competent, pleasant individuals who take great pains to listen and treat the condition. They put me on a series of exercises and in two weeks I was significantly better. I am able to go back to swinging a golf club and I expect will be fully recovered in a couple of more weeks. I highly recommend them! Thanks guys!

Thomas Francis

I went to this office for a shoulder issue and can highly recommend this practice. Sanket was very thorough, friendly and professional and my pain has improved. They were able to submit the invoice directly to my insurance and have automated appointment reminders which is convenient.

Sue Chalykoff

Me and my husband took physiotherapy treatment from Milay . I took shockwave therapy for my muscle ache which I was having since long and with just one treatment I saw drastic results and hence I came for follow up. We got extraordinary treatment and we are so impressed with Milay’s assessment and diagnosis .
We would highly recommend this place .

Rachna Multani Rachna Multani

Very helpful and effective. Sanket knows exactly what he is doing, he listens and understands the problem before prescribing therapy.

Pranay Sharma

My experience at BeActive was great. Sanket was always able to accommodate for my irregular work hours and I never felt like there was a rush to move onto the next patient. Sanket always explained why I was doing each exercise and how it was affecting the different parts of the body, which made for an interesting learning experience. Overall the treatment was practical and effective.

Patrick Flattery

Great people, very knowledgable and professional

Vladimir Molatchenko

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